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Blogging IS Branding

21 Mar

Blogging is brandingThis evening I was fortunate enough to speak with a group of Sinclair students about WordPress. As you might already know I am WordPress promoter and try to encourage anyone going online to utilize all that is WordPress. This particular class was a capstone course in computer information system (CIS), so after this they in essence graduate.

I tried to relay to the class the importance of online branding and having your own personal blog. That can range from doing it on or having your own domain and paying for hosting. It didn’t matter as long as they were demonstrating their skills and abilities online. The reason behind is simple: SEO. We’ve all Googled someone and we’ve more than likely Googled ourselves once or twice.

What do you think employers do after interviewing a prospect for this company? In reality an employee represents that company and in this digital age your Facebook can get you fired. How does one counteract this? Simple: blog. Blogging is branding and here are just 5 of the many things you can blog about:

  1. Write about your projects.
  2. Write about development in your industry.
  3. Write about your goals.
  4. Write about your dreams.
  5. Write about your views.

They DO NOT have to be perfect grammar. Let’s be honest here people – when we read blogs we shouldn’t criticize the writer on their punctuation if we are we’re missing the point of their content. Some of the top blogs are not the ‘best’ writers grammatically yet they get thousands of views daily. Only because the quality of their content.

Bottom line: Blog and blog often. You are your brand and it is up to you how your brand is developed.

2014 WordCamp North Canton

18 Mar

Apparently I couldn’t get enough WordCamp in Dayton since I’m heading up to North Canton come May 2nd and 3rd. In fact I am privileged to speak at it the 2nd year in a row. However, this year they are trying something new with Friday called, “Friday Marketing Bootcamp”

Learn effective marketing tactics utilizing WordPress and other resources of the interwebs to bring people to your WordPress site. Our speakers will present their session in a rapid-fire fashion, with a Q and A session at the end of the day.

How cool is that?

So, what am I speaking on?

Blogging is Only the Beginning


Nathan recently organized WordCamp Dayton. He is skilled in spotting trends and technologies that play roles in consumer’s lives, and knowledgeable in SEM/SEO strategies. Nathan will offer tips for how to get your word out and not come across as a billboard online. He will show WordPress users how to utilize social media tools to create a simple but effect marketing strategy.

Want to see more check out out the sessions: 

Go get your ticket today:

Top 5 Reasons to use WordPress

15 Mar

WordPress LogoIt amazes me to this day what WordPress can do from individuals to large brands. The inability to compete with larger markets is only deemed within our own imagination when it comes to utilizing WordPress. Yes, I put WordPress on a pedestal and with good reason.

One: its easy. I mean seriously how simple is it to learn php through the codex and not have to recreate the wheel rather put some nice rims on it. Better yet take off the wheels and turn it into a boat. The foundation is there so why not?

Two: its scalable. Small businesses love this word and should individuals when it comes to building their personal brand online. WordPress scales with our growth starting with one blog post to hundreds of events, press releases and multiple ecommerce products.

Three: its easy. I can’t overemphasize this part enough. Start small and build up your skills. It doesn’t take long and being open-source allows us to look into exactly how it was built – take it apart and put it back together.

Yet there are other content management systems out there that are ‘similar’ but how many of them have the community that WordPress has built up?

Four: Community. Guaranteed you’re not the only with the problem ask in the community and you’ll get a reply. If that doesn’t work for you check for local MeetUp’s or even a WordCamp near you.

Five: Plugins and themes. My God the plugins man. Thank goodness they are starting to get reviewed because before the amount of plugins and themes were ridiculous. Creating a niche website search with those keywords with “WordPress theme” after it and you’d get hundreds of possibilities.

Bonus: It’s EASY! I cannot overemphasize this point enough.