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Thank You 2014

30 Dec
Photo courtesy of Dafne Cholet

Photo courtesy of Dafne Cholet

This year has been filled with unique opportunities.

I’ve been able to speak at a couple WordCamps, help organize an awesome WordCamp in Dayton, and go from the agency world to digital news world. It’s been an interesting year. The biggest challenges have been though is settling into our new home and trying to figure out how to handle three kids.

That in itself is my crowing achievement of the year. Getting them through one.more.year.

I’m very thankful for all the new relationships I have made over the year, losing those that held me back, and working on strengthen those that are encouraging.

My question of the day: what are you thankful for from this past year?

The Next Chapter

16 Oct

Yesterday was my last day at The Ohlmann Group where I spent the last couple years, starting from a Web Developer and progressing to Digital Media Strategist. As well as working with the local WordPress community holding MeetUp‘s and ultimately WordCamp(s). Increasing my knowledge on…well, everything in the digital realm. So, it should come to no surprise the next chapter in my career will be…

Digital Director

…the Digital Director for WDTN/WBDT (Channel 2 and CW).

Thanks goes to Andy Kittles on this great image.

I am extremely excited and thankful about this opportunity.

I am now apart of the team Working For You.

Goodbye Ohlmann Group

15 Oct
The Ohlmann Group Logo

The Ohlmann Group

Thank you

Two simple words, but mean so much to my last two years at the Ohlmann Group.

Thank you

The way you embraced me into the Ohlmann family and allowed me to take charge.

Thank you

For being so generous when my youngest son was born and caring when he had to be rushed to children’s hospital.

I had never worked in the agency industry before. I read books, blogs, watched madmen nonstop but the reality of it is the dynamics within an agency like that of Ohlmann Group cannot be captured. The last two years have been a whirlwind full of tight deadlines, time sheets, cool designs, meetings, time sheets, ping pong games, popcorn, time sheets, yelling for files, and time sheets.

During my time at the Ohlmann Group I have worked with some great clients and creative minds. I have learned a lot…and I mean a lot.
So, thank you.

I can’t say it enough. I can’t type it enough.

Thank you.

As I leave today I know you will be in great hands with Trent and Steve. These guys are phenomenal developers.

Again. Thank you.