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Why I Don’t Blog

21 Jul

anti-blogsAs you can probably tell I haven’t “blogged” in some time. I currently have 15+ post in draft status that I need to wrap up but those in the digital world know its all about the clients and less about yourself.

So, why don’t I blog?

Well, these last 6+ months have been crazy busy with client work – which is good. Yet, doesn’t free a lot of time for my personal stuff. Hell, I barely have enough time to set aside a few minutes for 140 characters. It’s either a quick update or picture on Facebook or Google+ – I’m just glad I get some time to talk WordPress at the WP Round Table.

Not to mention those that are web developers as soon as we ‘re able to have time for our own stuff we end up tearing it apart. Custom code in the loops, various new plugin, css changes and not to mention any new updates.

While the goal is always to “blog more” it can be challenging for myself as I’m usually looking at clients sites and tracking keywords and optimizing content for them. In reality it can difficult for me to “blog” when I’m not going after a specific keyword to rank for. That’s the SEO’er in me.

So, the last question is why don’t you blog?

Goodbye Authorship Photo on SERPs

07 Jul

It is official – photos for authorship are being killed off. Mark Traphagen brought this to my attention a few days ago, but I was really hoping it was just a small change in Google’s algorithm. Hoping…that they would flip the switch back on due to some individuals (and brands) gaming the system.

Now, on Google Structured Data Testing Tool when you do a preview:

Google Authorship Gone


Before, if your authorship was setup correctly…it would be displayed. Not so much anymore.

This being the standard I plan on really looking at the author stats in my Google Webmaster Tools as before I had seen a significant increase…which has since dropped off.

Have you noticed anything different since the announcement?

Forest Through The Tree’s

11 Jun

Today I noticed a tweet from Jason Reynolds

Great question…my response:

We all get stuck in our daily routine of knocking out projects, answering emails, and prepping for meetings but when do we make time to look at the BIG picture. Thus, how can you see the forest through the trees?

forest through the trees

Question of the day – if not week:

What are you doing to help not only your company but yourself – see the forest through the tree’s?